Lucy Weston - Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor

Lucy Weston - Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor

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It is 1559 and Elizabeth Tudor is about to be crowned Queen when she is told unbelievable news. She not only learns of the existence of vampires but that she is to be a Slayer. Not long after she is told the startling news Elizabeth is visited by Mordred, son of King Arthur and King of the vampires. He has come to give Elizabeth the chance to rule at his side forever as Queen or suffer the same as her mother Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth Tudor is the the virgin Queen who against all odds managed to not only grow to become a woman, despite the best efforts of those who wished to see her dead, but become supreme ruler of England. Women simply did not have such power at this time in history so there was a lot working against Elizabeth. To make things even more challenging she learns that she is a vampire slayer and must protect her country from a whole new threat. No pressure right? We get to see different sides of Elizabeth. There is the Queen who wishes to do right by her people but demands to be seen and respected as a King would. There is the Slayer who is learning about her powers and bloodline including more about her mother Anne Boleyn and her distant relation to Morgaine Le Fey. Then there is the woman who wants to be have her lover Robin without the expectation of marriage. The Queen, Slayer and woman all blend together to create this intelligent, determined, strong yet feminine character that you admire and respect. While Elizabeth deeply cares for Robin, she can't help be drawn towards the vampire King Mordred. Mordred is the bastard son of King Arthur who killed him after he became a vampire. He and Morgaine were lovers but Morgaine being a Slayer, well there was only one way for the relationship to end. A thousand years later Mordred knows that Elizabeth is to become the next Slayer but instead of killing her, he wishes to make her a vampire and rule over all as King and Queen. Mordred is a cunning and powerful vampire but underestimates Elizabeth. What he thought would be a simple conquest turns out to be trouble for him and his kind. I love the interaction between the two characters. Elizabeth keeps Mordred on guard and surprises him with her quickly growing powers and Mordred tempts Elizabeth like none have before. Each scene together was a great to read because you didn't know if they were going to try and kill each other or come closer to giving in to their carnal desires. The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer as told by Lucy Weston (from Dracula) is told from the dairy pages of Elizabeth herself but the story switches off from being told by Mordred and Elizabeth. This was an enjoyable and well written book. It was fantasy and historical fiction mixed with romance that wasn't overpowering but just right. Elizabeth coming into her powers as both Queen and Slayer is the main focus of this book. The detail put into this book actually makes you think that this could have really happened. I will continue this series if another is released.

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